Releases ✍️

All of our most important milestones & releases since the very beginning

Version 2021.2.7 (2021-10-05)


  • New component! You can now host images, GIFs and even SVG animations with {image-external} 🎉
  • Two new demo files 👉 Demos & Libraries folder 👉 Image External


  • We squeezed a nasty little 🐛that prevented the app from being activated

Version 2021.2.1 (2021-04-21)



  • The simulator menu bar no longer covers the top content
  • Updated React export dependencies
  • Updated some of the Sketch2React app core dependencies

Version 2021.0.1


  • New way of reporting issues 👉 Help 👉 Report an issue


  • A change in the underlying Electron API caused the function for using File 👉 Link to Sketch-file to stop working. We fixed that 😺💪

Version 2020.1.5


  • Dark mode for all those late night Sketch2React sessions ☀️🌛
  • Simulators to quickly try out the different breakpoints in your design 🤖 💪


  • Nasty export 🐛 that we had in v2020.1.4 – the version we don't speak off 😆

Version 2020.1.3


  • Some visual bugs in Big Sur
  • Updated the logo, made it huuuuuge
  • Drank lots of coffee and ate pepparkakor during the process

Version 2020.1.2


  • New fresh UI 🎨
  • Drag and drop support 🙌
  • ⌘R to hard reload the entire Sketch file 💎 🚀
  • The license supports installation on four different computers 💵
  • Supports Sketch v68–70
  • Supports macOS Catalina & Big Sur


  • Update of our React export ⚛️
  • Some small 🐛easy peasy

Version 1.6.8


  • Support for MacOS Catalina
  • Support for Sketch 62+

Version 1.6.7


Small bug fixes, done deal 🤖👍

Version 1.6.6


  • Support for both Sketch 58 + 59!
  • Support for Smart Layouts 🚒🔥
  • Squashed a strange {hover} bug - easy peasy 💪🤖

Version 1.6.5


Some small 🐛easy peasy

Version 1.6.4

This version is at the moment a payed upgrade. We do this to sustain our framework and code app. It will be available for free in a couple of months. Don't have the stomach to wait? Buy it now and support us.


👉 🌋 Support for Sketch Cloud Documents

Eager to use Sketch for Teams and all those new fancy ways of working together? Guess what, as of version 1.6 we now have support for working directly with Sketch Cloud Documents.

👉 🌋 Support for Sketch Shared Libraries

You can now build up your real code component library and share it with anyone that uses Sketch. It’s as easy as 1–2–3. To get you kick-started we have included our own S2RSharedLib ⭐
Link any element to anything! Like images or texts!

⚙️ 👉 👩‍💻 New component {div}

A generic component well suited for implementing things such as other grid systems (e.g. MaterialUI grid) or construct your own components!

⚙️ 👉 👩‍💻 New component {externalasset.js}

It is now possible to add your own javascript-files to your HTML-exports. This adds a new dimension of interactivity to your HTML-exports!

👉 🤖 CSS-modules

Our React export now utilizes CSS-modules. This means the dependency on Sketch2React’s package (@sketch2react/react-components) is gone! No dependency on us once your React code is exported! 🥳

👉 🤖 Updated React export’s dependencies

We’ve updated the React export’s dependencies to remove package vulnerabilities.

👉 🤖 Clean-up in the React export

You no longer get warnings about “unused variables” in the console because, guess what, there are none! 💪

Version 1.5


  • SVG Support
  • Lottie Animation support
  • New Lottie Symbol
  • Fix for Haiku Animation support

Version 1


  • Code App version 0.7.2
  • React & Vanilla React Export
  • Public Preview lets you start a temporary web server right from our app
  • Pages now add themselves automagically to our export bundle after loading/visiting them once
  • Register & Unregister License functionality added


We are now in beta mode - woooppieedoo.
  • Brand new Code App, read more here
  • New component: Group and Group-fixed
  • Lots and lots of improvements in the background
  • Paving ground for React export



  • New element: Oval
  • Shadows and inner shadows
  • Layer blend modes: We now support Sketch blend modes - experiment away!
  • Sketch 52 support
  • Mojave support
  • Hotspots as links: Use the Add Link to Artboard (W) to link buttons and the navigation to other artboards
  • Downloaded HTML files now get the names of the artboards which makes publishing to servers much easier



  • New element: Haiku animations - Download demo file here
  • Updated the UI of the previewer app
  • Complete rewrite of the previewer app's React view



  • New element: Forms
  • New element: Rectangle
  • Complete rewrite of navigation-implementation. It now supports styling
  • Fluid fonts
  • The Previewer app now generates cleaner code
  • HTML generated by {row} is always at least as high as the corresponding element in the Sketch document.


  • Fixed bug related to nested symbol overrides.

Breaking changes

  • The structure of the Navigation has been changed. Please see the demo-document for reference!



  • Design with code that's easy to learn!
  • Fully responsive
  • No export required!
  • Treat the layers view in Sketch as a code editor
  • Use the popular Bootstrap grid
  • Super awesomeness to the Sketch community
  • Design with code directly inside of Sketch
  • Export to HTML
The biggest difference between this and other prototyping tools is that you design with real code. That gives you high fidelity HTML prototypes right from scratch.