3rd Party Plugins & Apps βš™οΈ

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​Automate Sketch​

Automate Sketch plugin together with Sketch Runner is an amazing time saver

For our framework to do it’s black magic, layers and groups inside the layer panel in Sketch need to be in the reverse y order for them to show up correctly in code (aka our renderer app).

Anyway! Use Automate Sketch does that and many many other things. It’s a really quick way of experimenting with things inside of Sketch. Use it together with Spotlight-For-Sketch plugin Sketch Runner and you have a killer combo.


We love you Felipe plugin

​Felipe is an intention based plugin for Sketch that will totally blow your mind. Draw a rectangle roughly the shape of a medium sized button, fire away the shortcut for Wireframes to UI (βŒ₯⌘K) and like magic it auto-replaces your rectangle with the symbol that you associated it with. It works super well with our framework and it will speed up your design to code process so many times we don't even have a number for it. πŸ˜†

It's like working with Framer but in Sketch. πŸ’ͺ πŸ’ 

Here's a demo Sketch project where we have our components working with Felipe


​Anima App​

Using Anima's Stacks works really well

​Anima is a set of totally awesome plugins for Sketch that takes care of really tedious things such as making sure you have same padding and margins everywhere. Best thing, it works really well with our framework. The new feature Group Padding works great with our buttons and Stacks is perfect for keeping things neat inside of Sketch. Here's a simple tutorial.

Download this button to see how this needs to be setup.

Important! Using Anima does not take care of the actual settings in code, you still need to set everything up accordingly to our framework requirements. But it saves tons of time inside of Sketch, giving you a faster workflow.

Anima Group Padding in action working with our buttons

​Rename it​

Naming layers correctly is a huge part of making sure our framework outputs code at all. Use Rename it to batch rename things like text nodes into {text} components.

Rename It saves you time!


We use Notes for pasting in code snippets, url:s to external assets like Google fonts or just copy+pasting a useful {col} setting you want to reuse elsewhere. We love the old school Post-itΒ© look and the plugin comes with a couple of different neat color styles. Notes is useful for ... hmm .. notes πŸ˜…

Notes is useful for ... hmm .. notes πŸ˜…


The Midnight plugin for Sketch is one of our favourite ones, specially since you can color code layers and groups. Plus you get amazing Indent Guides system which makes it easy to identify how Groups and Layers are nested. Mind blown.

Midnight gives you Indent Guides and Color Tags


Use IconJar for all of those custom made icons that you don't have as a icon font.

IconJar works swell not only for organizing but for exporting with the correct naming convention