Code App 👩‍💻

Current version of our Mac Desktop Code App is version 1.6.8

Sketch2React Code App features

  • Hot Reload - Every time you save in Sketch it automatically reloads that file in our code app

  • Offline Mode - Everything that does not require an internet connection in your design file will work offline

  • Public Preview - Live preview of your design to code in your browsers (desktop/mobiles)

  • Mobile View = Opens up another responsive window of your design with the start width of 576px

  • It’s super fast

  • Use CSS plugins

  • Handy shortcuts to our documentation & tutorials (requires internet connection to work)

How to use

  1. Go to File--->Link Sketch-file (⌘L)

  2. Open up the .sketchfile you are working on

  3. That same file is now linked with our Code App

  4. Happy makings!

Handy shortcuts

⌘L = Link to your .sketchfile

⌥⌘M = Mobile View, opens up a new responsive window with start width 576px

⌘D = Documentation

⌘T = Tutorials

⌘F = Demo files

⌘P = Publications on our blog