Releases ✍️

All of our most important milestones & releases since the very beginning

Version 1.5


  • SVG Support

  • Lottie Animation support

  • New Lottie Symbol

  • Fix for Haiku Animation support

Version 1


  • Code App version 0.7.2

  • React & Vanilla React Export

  • Public Preview lets you start a temporary web server right from our app

  • Pages now add themselves automagically to our export bundle after loading/visiting them once

  • Register & Unregister License functionality added


We are now in beta mode - woooppieedoo.

  • Brand new Code App, read more here​

  • New component: Group and Group-fixed

  • Lots and lots of improvements in the background

  • Paving ground for React export



  • New element: Oval

  • Shadows and inner shadows

  • Layer blend modes: We now support Sketch blend modes - experiment away!

  • Sketch 52 support

  • Mojave support

  • Hotspots as links: Use the Add Link to Artboard (W) to link buttons and the navigation to other artboards

  • Downloaded HTML files now get the names of the artboards which makes publishing to servers much easier



  • New element: Haiku animations - Download demo file here​

  • Updated the UI of the previewer app

  • Complete rewrite of the previewer app's React view



  • New element: Forms

  • New element: Rectangle

  • Complete rewrite of navigation-implementation. It now supports styling

  • Fluid fonts

  • The Previewer app now generates cleaner code

  • HTML generated by {row} is always at least as high as the corresponding element in the Sketch document.


  • Fixed bug related to nested symbol overrides.

Breaking changes

  • The structure of the Navigation has been changed. Please see the demo-document for reference!



  • Design with code that's easy to learn!

  • Fully responsive

  • No export required!

  • Treat the layers view in Sketch as a code editor

  • Use the popular Bootstrap grid

  • Super awesomeness to the Sketch community

  • Design with code directly inside of Sketch

  • Export to HTML

The biggest difference between this and other prototyping tools is that you design with real code. That gives you high fidelity HTML prototypes right from scratch.