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Thanks for joining our alpha program. We will be updating this space from time to time with new documentation regarding our framework and plugin.

Go from .sketchfiles (via our framework) to code (for free) really really fast.

In fact, we're the only free Sketch App to code framework that exist

What is Sketch2React?

Sketch2React is a framework, a React web app and a complementary .sketchplugin, that converts Sketch design files into prototype React code. That spits out HTML5. Very super!

  • A .sketchplugin that speeds up the workflow + a React render app

  • No export required!

  • Treat the layers view in Sketch as a code editor

  • From the Sketch2React Previewer app you can export each artboard as separate .html files for embedding/exporting to your own server

  • We use Atomic Design patterns when building components

  • Everything is based on Bootstrap 4

  • Embedd Google fonts directly from inside Sketch

Software requirements

  • Sketch 50.0 up to 52.3

  • Previewer App, just drag+drop to this url to test your .sketchfile. Use latest Chrome browser for our preview app, it has stellar web app support.

  • Mac OSX Sierra 10.12.6–OSX Mojave 10.14

  • We use these free Google fonts in our demos: Roboto, Lora & Varela Round. Make sure you have them installed on your computer. Easiest way to do this is with the great Skyfonts app.

  • We also use Ion Icons in our Mobile Example Demo, please make sure you have the icon font installed before opening our demos. Easiest way to install is by using the free and excellent Icon Font plugin for Sketch.

Sketch2React Alpha v.0.60 - Designed and developed in Stockholm with πŸ’— by Team Sketch2React Β©2018 Send us feedback​

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