Releases ✍️

All of our most important milestones & releases since the very beginning

Version 2022.2.0 for Mac (2022-06-13)


Support for our App Builder plugin!

Version 2022.1.8 for Windows (2022-05-24)


  • Marcode is now cross-platform, hola Windows users 🎉

Version 2022.1.5 (2022-05-04)


  • New components {embed} and {embed-fluid}

  • New demo file for showcasing the {embed} and {embed-fluid} components


  • Minor UI fixes

Version 2022.1.3 (public)

  • Rapid prototyping components, read our guide

  • New Starter Templates 👉 Learn Marcode

  • Autogenerated HTML

  • Autogenerated CSS Styleguide

  • Autogenerated icon and splash for iOS, Android & Web app

  • Automagical HTML links between artboards

  • New icons and navigation for Code View, Styleguide View and Design View

  • Refreshed app UI 🎨

  • Redesigned Export View 📦

  • New Simulator devices 📱

  • New shortcuts 👉 for Simulator ⌘S and Export View ⌘E

Version 2021.3.11 (internal)


  • Links between artboards now work as intended when linking back to "Start" artboard

  • Updated the README file of the Capacitor export to also include instructions for Android

  • Improved the support for cordova-res, by adding andoid specific icon images

  • Fixed Big Sur scrollbar bug

  • Minor UI improvements

Version 2021.3.10 (internal)


  • Artboard list is no longer cleared while loading

  • Left panel is now hidden when drag-and-drop:ing a design file onto the app

  • Fix for css classnames for {group} component

  • Border radius now works in Lunacy Sketch files

  • Reload now works as intended

  • The app now "remembers" your design file when switching between design- and settings.

  • Fix for "Artboard added" message

  • Simulator now works for Start artboard again

  • Artboards no longer reload when clicking on the currently active artboard in the explorer view

  • Fix for bug which caused the artboard render to crash while calculating stacking of { groups}

  • Minor UI fixes

Version 2021.3.9 (internal)


  • Possibility to close Panels using "x" icon

  • Pressing Esc-key now toggles panel visibility

  • The name of the design document is now the titel of the window

  • Support for cordova-res (for generating icon- and splash sizes) to our Capacitor export

  • new Capacitor export Read me file.

  • Re-added components {nav}, {navbar}, {nav-item}

  • Re-added components {form}, {form-group} and {input}

  • Added new text-format {text.styleparent}

  • Support for exportformat png in our render engine.

  • Support for our upcoming Sketch css-plugin

  • Wave-animation when opening a design file


  • UI Button styling

  • CSS-order in the styleguide output

  • Naming of CSS-variables in the styleguide output

  • The temporary Sketch2React-files now clears properly when opening another design file

  • Incorrect artboard loading when opening a new file.

  • Fix for Lunacy related loading problem.

  • Greatly improved error handling

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