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What is Marcode?

Marcode is a companion app for Sketch and Icons8 Lunacy that reads the .sketch file in real time and outputs autogenerated code. No plugins needed, all is done using easy to learn markup on layers & groups.
It's like having an extra layer of code, but straight inside your preferred design app 💪
  • Design with markup that's easy to learn!
  • Fully responsive
  • Zero plugins
  • Treat the layers view in Sketch & Icons8 Lunacy as a very simple code editor
  • Use CSS plugins
  • Offline mode
  • Hot reload
  • Build entire static websites directly from inside of Sketch or Icons8 Lunacy 🤯
  • Exports directly to Capacitor.js projects – Build cross platform apps 💪
  • Exports to HTML bundle that includes .html, css and all relevant files
Also download our Sketch Assistant, it's 100% compatible with Marcode

Software requirements

Marcode v2022.2.0 for Mac | Marcode v2022.1.8 for Windows | Designed and developed in Stockholm with 💗 by Sketch2React AB ©2023