Releases ✍️

All of our most important milestones & releases since the very beginning

2022.4.1 | 2022-10-28


  • A new file explorer(!)

  • Support for arrays

  • Support for output transformations - learn more here

  • Support for preserving design file units - learn more here


  • Bugfixes

  • Minor UI improvements

2021.9.0 | 2021-11-20


  • It's now possible to activate/deactivate the app again

  • Stratos Tokens now supports the latest version of Style Dictionary

  • Minor UI improvements

2021.7.0 | 2021-06-22


Figma support 🥳

  • Please note that Figma files does not support hot-reload like Sketch-files do. Instead you need to press the refresh button next on the far right on the Artboards header in the Explorer panel.

  • Please note that we currently don't support creating shadow tokens via Figma.


Minor UI improvements

2021.4.5 | 2021-06-01


Improved NPM export

In addition to containing Stratos token's design tokens, the NPM export now also includes files generated by Style Dictionary. It reads Style Dictionary's config file looking for platforms scss, less, css and js.

  • scss - Style Dictionary scss variables can be imported by @import "node_modules/[your-package-name]/scss/_variables.scss" by default.

  • less - Style Dictionary less variables can be imported by @import "node_modules/[your-package-name]/less/_variables.less" by default.

  • css - Style Dictionary css variables can be imported by @import "node_modules/[your-package-name]/css/_variables.css" by default.

  • js - Style Dictionary javascript variables can be imported from "[your-package-name]/js" by default.

  • stratos - Stratos Tokens javascript variables (found in [Your Stratos Tokens project]/data/js) can be imported from"[your-package-name]/stratos" by default.

Improved Style Dictionary export

We have enhanced our Style Dictionary export to output the following formats: android, ios, ios-swift, css, js, json, less, react-native, scss, sketch-palette.


Minor UI improvements

2021.3.0 | 2021-05-08



  • Cleaned up the Design Token view

  • Cleaned up README view

  • Minor UI improvements

2021.2.0 | 2021-04-20


  • You can now name your Texts and Rectangles as css properties (e.g. fontSize) and only that value will be displayed in Stratos Tokens App.

Please note that the matching css property will be named "value" in Stratos Tokens App. This is to better match the expected input of Style Dictionary.

Supported css properties for Text layers are:

    • color

    • fill (is always transparent for text layers)

    • fontFamily

    • fontSize

    • fontWeight

    • lineHeight

    • letterSpacing

    • opacity

Please note that the matching css property will be named "value" in Stratos Tokens App. This is to better match the expected input of Style Dictionary.

Supported css properties for Rectangles with borders are:

    • weight

    • color

    • radius

2021.1.10 | 2021-04-08


  • Support for a more visual way of outputting design tokens for breakpoints, spacing, padding etc - use the width of the line tool

  • Support for multiple shadows - just add shadows to rectangles

  • No more need for a page named Start here and an artboard named Start

  • Demo version of Stratos Tokens

  • Windows version

  • Dark mode support

  • We now have a little 🕵️‍♀️ that helps you re-link your designfile if you have moved it

  • Possibility to register a bug from within the app

  • Extended help menu containing links to documentation, tutorials and more

Breaking changes

  • Use { } for all your design tokens (artboards + layer + group names) – mix them with regular design elements

1.0.10 | 2020-11-30


  • Big Sur support

1.0.8 | 2020-05-13


  • A 10:th rule to Stratos Tokens. You can now name a Text Layer style-dictionary-value to get the following output in Stratos Tokens App:

1.0.7 - 2020-05-05


  • Support for Sketch symbols

  • Previously, in Stratos Tokens, you were "bounced back" to Start artboard every time your design file changed/updated. This is no longer the case.


  • Sketch, Figma and InVision projects are now displayed on the start screen

  • Fixed minor type-o:s

1.0.6 | Never

This is not the version your looking for... *Jedi hand move*

1.0.5 | 2020-04-22


Explorer view is now visible from the start.


  • Updated in-app documentation links.

  • Artboards in Explorer view are now sorted alphabetically.

1.0.4 | 2020-04-20


  • The Stratos Tokens output of Texts and Rectangles which have names matching a CSS property is changed from displaying the property name e.g. fontSize

to displaying value

This change is made to better match the expected input of Style Dictionary.

  • All values defined in px such as font size, line height etc in Sketch, Figma and InVision Studio is now translated into unitless values (with a base of 16px). E.g. 72px / 16 = 4.5 This will be translated by Style Dictionary into platform specific units during Style Dictionary's build process. You can change to another base value by, in the .stratosproject file, change the property baseFontSizeInPx


  • New demo file (.sketch, .fig, .studio) for getting started with Ant Design System to work with our Style Dictionary support

1.0.2 | 2020-03-20


  • Style Dictionary integration to support export to web, mobile and desktop

  • Support for Figma

  • Support for InVision Studio

  • Support for variables in text nodes {color.base.primary.value} (specified as {{color.base.primary.value}}) in your design tool. This is used to reuse values in Style Dictionary

  • New menu item “File > Open project in Terminal”

  • Artboards can now be named anything and will still be considered as “Token artboards”. Previously only artboards named “Template” were considered for design token generation. (You still need an artboard named Start)


  • Bugfixes to the Explorer view.

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