Welcome to Stratos Tokens 🏑

Stratos Tokens is a companion app for Sketch & Figma on Mac & PC that outputs design tokens & theming code.

What can I do with Stratos Tokens?

  • Use Sketch or Figma to create, update and distribute your design tokens & theming code

  • A single place to create and edit your styles

  • Reads the raw design file and generates a JSON-structure based on your design data (design tokens)

  • You can use any setup you want, you have 100% control over your design token & theming structure

  • Use Stratos Tokens app to output your code

  • Supports Sketch & Figma files natively, no plugins are needed

  • Support for Sketch Shared Libraries & Sketch Symbols β€” manage several brands remotely for your clients

  • Support for Figma's Auto Layout

  • Export to NPM

  • Export to iOS, Android, CSS via our built-in Style Dictionary support*

Requires you to structure your design tokens in your design application as Style Dictionary needs them to be, or the conversion will not work

Example of Style Dictionary naming and structure conventions

Here’s a basic yet educational example of how you could set up for following Style Dictionary’s conventions.

Enhance your design systems with design tokens

Design tokens are design decisions. With our app, you create real code design decisions directly inside your design application, where most of these are actually made.

Here's an example of how you could document your design system with design tokens.

Software requirements

  • Sketch v80+, Figma or Lunacy 8+

  • Our Sketch assistant (not required but nice to have)

  • macOS Big Sur, Monterey or Ventura | Windows 10 or 11

  • NPM & Node.js

  • Use your preferred external code editor

Stratos Tokens 2022.4.1 β€” Designed and developed in Stockholm with πŸ’— by Team Sketch2React Β©2023

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