Pricing πŸ’΅

Support us by purchasing DLC

Since our framework is free we are experimenting with different ways of supporting this project financially. A new way of supporting us is to purchase something that we call Sketch2React DLC. Basically it's a super bundle of all the things locked away on Patreon.

​Sketch2React DLC#2 is now available for purchase!​

How much does it cost?

The version of Sketch2React that you can download via our website is free. Zero bananas. Zero dollares zero pesetas. We will continue to offer our framework and code app for free as long as we can support it. Speaking of support, you really should think about supporting us, we are now on Patreon and you can buy lovely bundles way before public release (DLC).


Since Patreon is taxable income and we are not a company (just two dudes doing great stuff together) we have one for each of us.

​Read more about it here or just click on our links below…

What does Fredrik do?

  • Develops and maintain our magical framework & code app

  • Product development together with Juan

  • Backend stuff

  • Writes documentation

  • Codes new awesome features and pushes known boundries of design to code

  • From time to time he even makes tutorials πŸ‘

What does Juan do?

  • Responsible for designing stuff

  • Product development together with Fredrik

  • Video tutorials and written tutorials

  • Writes documentation & blog posts

  • Design and development of our main website

  • Tweets a lot πŸ˜„